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Update day: July 2, 2018

About e-bidding

News about e-bidding in construction

About start of e-bidding

We start operation of e-bidding in August, 2012 targeting at constructors (only as for the construction) in Amami-shi in Amami-shi.
In addition, in supplier whom it is not corresponded to in e-bidding, we perform by bid (pocketbook bill) same as before.
In supplier whom it has not been corresponded to in e-bidding yet, I would like no correspondence at the very beginning.

About e-bidding operation terms

In participation in e-bidding which Amami-shi enforces, we hope that we confirm contents of Amami-shi e-bidding operation terms well.

Amami-shi e-bidding operation terms (October 1, 2017 revision) (PDF: 180KB)

Attached files such as itemized statements in e-bidding are limited in "PDF file and XPS file" from the viewpoint of security enhancement from October 1, 2017.


About supplier participating with pocketbook bill, presentation of "pocketbook bill participant application" (the fourth issue style) is necessary.

Presentation, please be careful in it becoming just on principle, the day before on the bid date.

About report of electronic certificate (IC card) for e-bidding and user registration

We decide to perform the municipalities of Kagoshima and the prefecture and the joint use of e-bidding system in Amami-shi and start trial operation of e-bidding targeting at construction.

But we cannot participate in e-bidding of Amami-shi only by having purchased IC card. There is Amami-shi construction bid participation qualification registration to participate and we report IC card and receive grant of registration number, and it is necessary to register user by e-bidding system.

We accept IC card application for the time being targeting at constructors in Amami-shi.

Report style

Report procedure

Electronic certificate (IC card) report procedure (PDF: 1,286KB) for Amami-shi e-bidding

Documents necessary for IC card report and presentation method

Presentation documents

(1)Electronic certificate (IC card) notification form (issue style second in the case of first style, additional change) for e-bidding

(2)Copy of documents which can identify IC card registration contents (or copying of the IC card surface)

(3)Envelope (we specify stamp pasting, address in long form 3) for user registration number letter of advice return

Presentation method

Please submit by mail or bringing.

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