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Update day: October 20, 2015

Summary of my number (social security, tax number) system

What is my number?

It is 12 columns of personal numbers that each nation has. It is base to confirm that it is information of equivalence person in personal information that there is to plural engines, and my number system (social security, tax number system) is social infrastructure (infrastructure) to realize high society fair fairly of convenience for high, the nation with effectiveness, transparency of social security, taxation system degree.
※Corporation number is notified corporation of.



Three merits

  1. Improvement of convenience of the nation
    Troublesome procedure easily
  2. Administrative efficiency
    Procedure is accurate and becomes early
  3. Fairness, fair social realization
    Prevention of unjust receipt such as benefits

Future schedule

From October, 2015

We notify of my number at hand.
Notice reaches address of resident's card. As for the person living in place unlike address of resident's card, I would like transfer of resident's card to the living municipalities.

We can confirm the giving in situation to post office of notice card here.

The giving in situation (external link) to post office of notice card

From January, 2016

My number is necessary by social security, tax, administrative procedure of anti-disaster measures.
We issue personal number card to applicant.

Guidance (PDF: 5,099KB) of personal number card grant application

From January, 2017

mainapotaru is due to begin.

Inquiry about my number system

0570-20-0178 (my number) (navigator dial common throughout the whole country)

Weekdays from 9:30 to 17:30 (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, the year-end and New Year holidays)
※When you do not lead to the dial mentioned above with some IP telephone, have a seat in 050-3816-9405.
※Navigator dial costs call charge.
※Hang foreign language correspondence (English) in 0570-20-0291.

My number judging from video


Product for general people(external link)

Product for general people

Minor tells about system clearly.

(picture of 14 minutes 33 seconds)

Product for companies(external link)

Product for company, personnel affairs salary people in charge

Minor tells about system clearly.

(picture of 20 minutes 54 seconds)



Information more detailed about my number to homepage of the Cabinet Secretariat

We place common question (FAQ) and latest information of my number system in homepage of my number (social security, tax number) system of the Cabinet Secretariat. Please click the following banners.

naikakukanbou(external link)


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