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Update day: March 20, 2013

Site map

Disaster prevention, crime prevention

Urgent information

Disaster prevention

Firefighting, first aid

Crime prevention

We wait and live

Procedure of family register, inhabitants

Insurance, pension

Living environment

Natural environments

Consumer life

Employment, labor

Social movement (symbiosis, collaboration)

Human rights, gender equality


Product for foreign citizens (for foreign residents)

Health, medical care, maternal and child health

The welfare

Child care

Water and sewage

Town development, house


Transport policy

About reduction of tax by natural disaster such as typhoons or exemption

Education, culture


Improvement of cultural properties protection

Promotion of sports recreation

Promotion of lifelong learning

Promotion of culture

Sightseeing, industry


Industrial support



Commerce and industry


Industry, academia and government cooperation

Freelance support

About power supply location area measures grant business summary and evaluation report

The employment, employment support

Municipal administration information

Summary of city

Measure, plan

Public information, public hearing


Collection of established regulation

Financial status


Personnel affairs, the staff

Amami-shi assembly

Bid, contract

Collection of links

Administrative deposition

About Amami-shi pay advertisement

Information disclosure

The Amami number

Job Opportunities

Amami-shi hometown tax

Amami-shi main government building construction

When we replace budget with household account book

Original budget explanation document

The fiscal consolidation judgment ratio

Financial statements, fixed assets account book

About financial status, the financial statements situation

As for the fiscal consolidation plans, it is the execution situation

Other publication documents

Amami-shi schedule

Old calendar calendar

Public facilities

City hall relations

The welfare, healthcare facility

Kindergarten, nursery school

Education, culture facility

Elementary school, junior high school, high school

Recreation sports facility

Firefighting, the police


Polling place


Usage of public facilities

Application downloading

About thanks for July, 2018 heavy rain disaster contribution

Visit to Japan tourist consumers hot line was established!