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Update day: October 15, 2018

Main movement of the mayor

From September 15, 2018 to October 14, 2018

Time Movement Place
Saturday, September 15 The 72nd citizen of the prefecture physical education meet "opening ceremony" Kamoike athletics field
Sunday, September 16 Kasari district recreational meeting for the aged Each Kasari village
Monday, September 17 2018 Amami-shi Respect for the Aged Day celebration Cultural Center
Tuesday, September 18 The MLIT country policy station: Round-table conference with Councillor Satake Person of natsukasha
Wednesday, September 19 Caucus Meeting room on the third floor
Friday, September 21 & country 20 city service memory symposium of the 40th anniversary of the Narita Airport opening of a port Hilton Narita
Same as above, exchange meeting Hilton Narita
Sunday, September 23 District recreational meeting for the aged for house Each village for house
Monday, September 24 2018 "yuraima show 2018" Cultural Center
Tuesday, September 25 The last plenary session This conference room
Wednesday, September 26 2018 Amami-shi National Health Insurance management meeting The sixth-floor committee room
Thursday, September 27 Elderly person bestowal of an order transmission type (the local autonomy service) Kasari branch
Saturday, September 29 Antidisaster headquarter meeting Meeting room on the third floor
Monday, October 1 Disaster field inspection Naze district
Wednesday, October 3 The Amami Airport terminal building board of directors Amami Airport building
Friday, October 5 2018 mayors, town managers, and village headmen "Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications commendation ceremony" Municipalities Hall of the whole country
Sunday, October 7 Kasari, Tokyo meeting general meeting, social gathering Yotsuya housewife Hall
Wednesday, October 10 10th meeting October period ordinary assembly Oh, we do not wind up
Thursday, October 11 Bet; chopsticks international school Amami school entrance ceremony Oh, we do not wind up
Gathering of Amami National Athletic Meet player, person with a disability athletic meet participants 2018 of the whole country Oh, we do not wind up
Sunday, October 14 The 113th Kasari-cho memorial service sumo meet Taiyogaoka


General affairs department General Administration Division

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Phone number 0997-52-1111

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