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Update day: July 15, 2018

Main movement of the mayor

From June 15, 2018 to July 14, 2018

Time Movement Place
Friday, June 15 Assembly plenary session This conference room
Monday, June 18 Investigation Committee for Amami-shi vaccination health hazard 4F meeting room
Tuesday, June 19 The Amami-shi development public corporation board of directors Cultural Center
2018 Amami police station jurisdiction coast crime prevention meeting general meeting BIC Malin
Wednesday, June 20 Amami wide area medium and small-sized business welfare Service Center caput Workers' credit union 2F meeting room
Amami Airport terminal building general meeting of stockholders Oh, we do not wind up
Thursday, June 21 Island public corporation general meeting of stockholders of way Meeting room on the third floor
Saturday, June 23 Round-table conference with Yakushima-cho Oh, we do not wind up
Sunday, June 24 Association of the 43rd prefecture firefighting Oshima Branch firefighting how to handle meeting Yamato-son Forest police
Monday, June 25 The last plenary session This conference room
The agreement signing ceremony where elderly person relates to to watch Visitor's room
Amami-shi development public corporation caput Promotion hall
Amami-shi congressist commendation celebration, ordinary assembly social gathering Sun Plaza Hotel
Tuesday, June 26 Exercise to light society
Prime Minister, prefectural governor message transmission type
Visitor's room
Wednesday, June 27 Site proposed for world natural heritage area liaison conference AiAi open space
Association of childcare "study meeting to raise the 32nd childcare" in Japan
Ceremony, social gathering
Cultural Center, amakan
Mangrove public corporation stocks general meeting Sun plaza 3F
Thursday, June 28 JAC general meeting of stockholders, the board of directors Kagoshima Airport
The JAC head office
Friday, June 29 The association of sea preservation South Kyushu region headquarters
2018 officers' meeting
Saturday, June 30 Amami Oshima meeting of the fifth anniversary of the cross-border meeting Goat island hotel
Sunday, July 1 JAC island hopping service memory ceremony Amami Airport
Tuesday, July 3 Exercise organization type to light the 68th society Experience-based interchange building for house
Thursday, July 5 Amami-shi agriculture intern completion-style entrance type Meeting room on the fourth floor
Sugar millet promotion measures meeting Kasari improvement center
Friday, July 6 Oshima district hygiene association temporary assembly The sixth-floor committee room
Sunday, July 8 The 72nd citizen of the prefecture physical education meet 59th Oshima district meeting inspection Amami-shi, Tatsugo-cho
Amami park display reopening ceremony Amami park
Monday, July 9 Amami Airport terminal building completion ceremony, celebration Amami Airport, Coral palms
Thursday, July 12 enshinhoenchoyobokatsudo (diplomatic relations ministers) MLIT
The 111th Amami group of islands promotion development council Tokyo
Saturday, July 14 magun open space Akagi name opening ceremony Kasaricho, Amami-shi


General affairs department General Administration Division

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Phone number 0997-52-1111

Fax: 0997-52-1001